SLCourse NameTrade CodeDuration (Month)Details
1Basic in Computer Office Application523
2Higher in Computer Office Application536
3Advance Excel556
4Diploma in Computer Science5612
5Basic Graphic Design583
6Higher Graphic Design596
7Civil Auto Cad616
83D Studio Max626
9Professional Web Design & Development636
10Ulead Video Editing646
12Mobile Apps Development666
13Professional Hardware Maintenance676
14Mobile Servicing686
15Driving Course696
16Sewing Course706
17Diploma in Electric & Electronic Technology7112
18Spoken English726
19Kids English736
20Beautician Course746
21Digital Marketing753
22Basic Database programming763
23Basic Higher Database programming776
24Internet Course786
25Trainer's Training on Microsoft Office Application796
26Hardware & Networking806
28Electrical House Wiring836
29Refrigeration and air conditioning846
30Diploma In Software Application8512
31Fine Arts866
32Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking873
33Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Higher886
34CEHF Master class893
35CEHF Master class Higher906
36C|OSINT (Certified Open Source Intelligence)913
37C|OSINT (Certified Open Source Intelligence)higher926
38Networking Security933
39Networking Security Higher946
40Advanced Python With Freelancing953
41Advanced Python With Freelancing Higher966
43Linux Higher986
44Digital Marketing Higher996
45Content Writing1003
46Higher Content Writing1016
47Training on Practical Agriculture and Information Tech1026
48Basic in Video Editing1033
49Higher in Video Editing1046
50Certificate in Dressmaking and Tailoring1056
51Diploma in Electric & Electronic Technology (ELEC)10612
52Diploma in Machinist (MACH)10712
53Diploma in Technician (TECH)10812
54Diploma in Driver cum Auto Mechanics (DVR)10912
55Diploma in Artificial Engineer (AE)11012
56Certificate in Operator Communication Unit (OCU)11112
57Diploma in Welder (WLDR)11212
58Diploma in Mason (MN)11312
59Diploma in Surveyor (SVY)11412
60Diploma in Draftsmen (DTMN)11512
61Diploma in Operation to Electro Medical Mechanic (OEM)11612
62Diploma in Radar and Communication Technician (RCT)11712
63Diploma in Instrument Mechanic (IM)11812
64Diploma in Wireman Signals (WSIG)11912

আপনি চাইলে আরও কোর্স যুক্ত করতে পারবেন
আরও কোর্স যুক্ত করার জন্য নিচের ফর্মটি পূরণ করুন।